Coaching Packages and Stress Management Services


When I hit my “rock bottom,” I had a choice to make: Either fall apart and be consumed by depression, stress, anxiety, and fear … or use all the tools possible to get better, do better, and rebuild my life. So, I chose the latter … and guess what? I figured out how to go from rock bottom to better than ever.

I blended my expertise & experience as a Yoga teacher, meditator, certified Time Management Expert, SMART Recovery Facilitator, and Reiki practitioner in a unique way that allowed me to thrive and flourish.

Based on my experience and training, I devised a 3-step method to help you move out of the stress, anxiety, or tension and into empowerment, pride, self-confidence, inner peace, and joy: The Re-set, Relax, Revive™ Stress Management Method


Then, through helping friends, peers, and clients, I quickly realized that every single person needs stress-management tools to help them cope with day-to-day life and life transitions. Although stress-management is part of the Re-set, Relax, Revive™ Recovery Method, I also offer separate stress-management classes online, including Yoga, Breath Work for Anxiety, and Meditation.

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