Recovery Coach Ani’s Proven Method

Recovery Coach Ani’s Proven Method

Whether you’ve been sober for many decades or only a day …
Do you regret things that happened in the past because of your addiction?
Are you sick and tired of feeling shame about the effects your addiction had on your life?
Do you ever worry about future cravings or relapses?
Are you merely surviving in life, just getting through each day, maybe even wishing things had turned out different?

🌼 Imagine letting go of those regrets.
🌼 Imagine being free from any shame you feel.
🌼 Imagine knowing you have one-on-one sobriety support every single day.
🌼 Imagine having clear goals for your future and feeling confident that you will reach those goals.
🌼 Imagine going to bed feeling pride in yourself and waking up feeling joy and excitement?

You deserve all of that … and you can have all of that.

By partnering with me, you’ll learn my proven Re-set, Relax, Revive™ Recovery Method

What You Get in the Re-Set, Relax, Revive™ Recovery Method

✔️ Clarity on what is & is not working in your recovery and in your life

✔️ I will walk you through my 3-part recovery method, spending as little or as much time as you need on each step

✔️ In Step 1 (Re-Set) … You’ll learn how to reset the negative thinking and patterns that got you to use in the first place and that may still be holding you back

✔️ In Step 2 (Relax) … You’ll learn to relax so that you can handle stress & anxiety better. You’ll learn and practice self-care and stress-management tools you can use your entire life

✔️ In Step 3 (Revive) … You’ll revive your life! I’ll help you set and accomplish clear goals in various areas of your life

✔️ You’ll gain a clear vision for your future

✔️ Together, we will solidify actionable steps you can take to move towards your vision and achieve your goals

✔️ We’ll devise ways to hold yourself accountable as you move forward

✔️ You’ll receive helpful worksheets and written summaries of Coaching Sessions, (Summaries include steps accomplished, mini-steps to work on between sessions, and ways to address the areas that may still be challenging.)

✔️ You will have unlimited email access to me between sessions

✔️ You’ll experience feelings of empowerment, pride, stress-relief, self-confidence, and so much more

✔️ There is no definitive time-frame for the Re-set, Relax, Revive™ Recovery Coaching Method because each client is a unique individual, though 3-6 months is the average length of this program. We conclude the program when you feel all 3 steps and personal goals are accomplished.

I invite you to a FREE 30-minute Strategy Session and, if we’re a good fit, we’ll get you started on your journey to resetting, relaxing, and reviving throughout the rest of your recovery … so that you can start to thrive! YES, you are so worthy of this.

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