My Why

My name is Ani, and this is my why …

My story might be different from yours in the way it unfolded, but the feelings we’ve had might pretty similar. I’ve known stress, anxiety, depression, grief, and fear, much the way you might have.


Pretty much overnight, I had hit my rock bottom. I lost my career, my financial stability, many of my dreams for the future, and my identity. Poof. Gone.

I had a choice to make: Either fall apart and be consumed by depression, anxiety, and fear … or use all the tools possible to get better, do better, and rebuild myself and my life. So, I chose the latter, and guess what? I figured out how to go from rock bottom to better than ever.


I got to the root of why I ended up at rock bottom in the first place, reversed the thinking patterns that had been holding me back, practiced the healing and meditation techniques I learned in Yoga Teacher and Reiki Certification trainings, applied the tools I learned in SMART Recovery Facilitator Training to my own life … and I worked hard – really hard – to figure out how to grow and flourish after having hit rock bottom. Merely surviving was not gonna cut it; I learned to thrive.


So, why did I become a Certified Life Coach (CLC) who specializes in helping people in recovery grow from just-surviving to totally-thriving? Because I figured out a three-part formula that got me from rock bottom to better than ever, and now I want to share that method with you so that you can grow out of fear, worry, and anxiety and into incredible joy, success, and wellness.

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Here’s what you’ll get:

* Clarity on what is and what is not working well in your recovery and in your life
* Clarity on life-after-recovery goals
* What stress-management tools will benefit you the most
* How you can get started on using some of those tools right away
* An overview of my Re-set, Relax, Revive™ Recovery Method


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