I’m Coach Ani, and I’m glad you’re here.

Life can be hard. Really hard. Even if you have the perfect family, career, and health, stress can rear its ugly head and knock us off center. 

My mission is  to support, guide, and empower you to handle life’s stressors with greater ease and effectiveness.

I invite you to explore my services and set up a free strategy session where we will get to the real root of your stressors and delve into immediate stress management techniques that will work for you and your specific situation. 

Ani held my hand online so to speak. I lost a second job because I kept making the same mistakes again and again. I am a mom and seriously needed to get sober and get a new job. I used Ani’s support while I was involved in SMART Recovery to help me gain control of my life. She helped me gain so much confidence in myself and I can honestly say I have my life back! Thank you, Ani!!

Rachel B., Incline Village, NV

I would first off like to say how wonderful and compassionate Coach Ani is. I have abused drugs and alcohol since I was 13 years old and have suffered immensely because I never knew how to cope with life’s stresses and the pain of my past. I have had periods of time where I was not using but something was missing. I realized that I needed to do work on myself, on the inside. I was ready to do so and found Coach Ani.

She has been an amazing guide to my self discovery and recovery from years of self abuse and pain. With her help I have been able to find comfort and security within myself. I have followed her guidance with meditation and have found a spirituality in my life now. She has brought out an inner strength that I did not know I had. I was neglected and suffer trauma from my childhood and I have begun the healing process. In that strength she has instilled in me I am able to start walking through life with confidence and compassion for myself. Coach Ani has been an amazing person to share my pains with and has great wisdom that has changed my life. I now believe it is a permanent change.

If I can say anything to anyone reading this it’s that you have to be willing to do the work, explore your reasons of addiction and know that Coach Ani can provide wisdom and tools to help you through this as she did me.

Dave D., Simi Valley, CA